Case Studies

City of Baltimore, MD

Identified cost savings with alternative, optimized routes using FleetRoute™.
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City of Stillwater, OK

Increased stops per day by 29% and reduced fuel consumption.
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Emerald Coast Utilities Authority, Pensacola, FL

Successfully launched new trash/recycling collection services with fast-tracked implementation of FleetRoute™ to provide efficient routing and smooth transition.
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City of Edmond, OK

Reduction in the number of routes from 40 to 30 resulting in significant operational savings.
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Mill Valley Refuse System, Inc, CA

Saved 14% in efficiency, reduced operating costs by $375,000, and resulted in a reduction in the number of vehicles from 22 to 19.
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Issues with Transitioning to Automated

SWANA Collection Symposium 2005 – Presentation from Kevin Callen

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Using Routing Software for Analyzing Residential Collection Costs, Defining Procurement Areas and Routing

SWANA Collection Symposium 2004 – Presentation from Kevin Callen

Route optimization software is a sophisticated analytical tool for not only creating routes for collection vehicles, but also for analyzing collection costs and facilitating procurements for contract collection services. The traditional approach to analyzing collection costs and defining districts or procurement areas has been to use industry thumb rules, such as an average number of stops for a route per day. However, these industry thumb rules are typically not accurate on an individual route basis, as the number of stops and mileage can vary greatly based on the population density and distance from the depot and disposal facilities to the route. Routing software accurately defines individual routes, number of trucks required, and the mileage and labor required to service an area.

This paper reviews the experiences of using FleetRoute route optimization software for use in analyzing residential waste collection costs and planning procurements for contract collection services. Case studies include Nashville, Tennessee and an undisclosed county in the Mid-Atlantic. These projects were conducted by, Inc. under sub-contract with Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc.

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