It’s So Inexpensive, You’re Wasting Money Not Using It

Creating collection routes is easy and inexpensive with the powerful Web-based C2RouteApp route optimization application. Ideal for the solid waste management industry:

  • Optimize your recycling and waste collection routes for less than $1.50 per day per route
    The cost for C2RouteApp™ is based on the number of vehicles to be routed and is paid for on a monthly basis.
  • Quick return on investment

Factor in the many hours per day currently spent manually creating collection routes and the fuel/labor savings generated by C2RouteApp™ optimized routes and you have a very quick return on investment!

As a web-based application, C2RouteApp™can be used by anyone with a PC and Internet access. No special software is required.


Creating Collection Routes with C2RouteApp Route Optimization Application