Key Functionalities

With up to 60 user-defined constraints, C2RouteApp™ provides unprecedented flexibility in creating optimized waste collection routes and testing what-if scenarios. Key functionalities include:

  • Multiple Vehicles
    Plan the most efficient routes for multiple vehicles simultaneously
  • Multiple Days
    Create routes for days, weeks, or even months in advance.
  • Time Windows
    Enter specific times that customers need to be visited to enhance customer service.
  • Start/End Locations
    Set the start and end locations for each route.
  • Reloading
    Have your vehicles reload or unload at designated locations.
  • Overnight Routes
    Allow routes to stay out overnight if deemed more efficient.
  • Legal Driving Restrictions
    Comply with restrictions and laws.
  • Deliveries/Pick-ups
    Create routes for delivery, pickup or visit.
  • Characteristics
    Ensure that vehicles match customer needs.
  • Capacity/Quantities
    Set vehicle capacities and quantities to be delivered and picked up.