Easy to use – all you need is a PC and Internet access!

  • No software to install
  • Interface specifically designed to be intuitive and easy to use
  • Developed for non-computer savvy users

Waste Industry Routing for multiple vehicles on multiple days, weeks, or months in advance

  • C2RouteApp™ is designed to create routes scheduled up to 60 days in advance
  • Customers can have different service schedules and frequencies

Defines the optimum number of routes

  • Not sure how many routes you should have?  Let C2RouteApp™ decide for you
  • C2RouteApp™ has the ability to create routes using all of your available vehicles, or can determine the minimum number of vehicles necessary

Routing for all types of fleets

  • C2RouteApp™ is appropriate and priced for fleets of any size from 1 to 100+ vehicles. Ideal for waste industry routing of commercial waste, bulk waste and special pick-ups.

Export your optimized routes to a GPS device

  • Easily load your new routes into supported GPS devices
  • C2RouteApp integrates with Garmin, TomTom, Google Android, and more…

No hidden charges – One low monthly price

  • Pay per vehicle
  • No minimum purchase