Some of the many benefits of the C2RouteApp™ Waste Collection Routing Application:

  • Improve efficiency and productivity
  • Save up to 25% or more on field operating costs
    • Reduction in total work hours, labor, and overtime costs
    • Reduction in total mileage
    • Reduction in fuel used
  • Minimize the number of vehicles and routes driven
  • Decrease fleet maintenance, fuel consumption costs, and emissions
    • Reduced mileage means reduction in fuel costs and maintenance costs
    • Reduction in Routes could result in spare vehicles and less wear-and-tear on fleet
  • Balance routes
  • Reduce payroll expenses, including overtime
    • C2RouteApp™ can be used to compare differences between adding route(s) versus overtime
  • Reduce the time currently spent creating routes and dispatching
  • Provide better overall service to customers
  • Flexibility – Customize route creation to the way YOU manage your operation
    • With over 60 different parameters available, you decide how to create your routes
    • Run “what if” scenarios
    • As the services offered expand, C2RouteApp™ expands with you


C2RouteApp Waste Collection Routing Software