Ljupka Arsova Joins GBB as Consultant II

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Ljupka Arsova

Ljupka Arsova

(Fairfax, VA – April 9, 2012) – Gershman, Brickner & Bratton, Inc. (GBB) is pleased to announce that Ms. Ljupka Arsova has joined the firm as Consultant II. A 2010 graduate of Columbia University with a M.S. in Earth and Environmental Engineering, Arsova has focused her work and education on solid waste management and how it can successfully be implemented in affordable ways. As a Research Associate at Columbia University’s Earth Engineering Center, she gained extensive knowledge of emerging waste management technologies and practices for material and energy recovery from different waste streams. She also learned how concepts of industrial ecology and life cycle analysis apply in the development of a successful waste valorization scenario. She performed financial and economic analysis of waste management scenarios and gained experience in developing and conducting research, analyzing and interpreting subsequent results. Prior to completing her degree, she earned a B. S. & M.S., Ecology and Environmental Protection, from the University of Belgrade, Serbia. She also earned a Young Masters Degree, Sustainable Development, from Lund University in Sweden.

"Ljupka has extensive academic training coupled with valuable experience as consultant, researcher, and program manager in the past few years, especially in the area of anaerobic digestion, all of which makes Ljupka a valuable addition to GBB Project Teams," said Harvey W. Gershman, GBB President, "Without a doubt, her background, motivation, and eagerness to learn will translate in a bright future for her in the solid waste management industry."

"I’m excited to join GBB and have the opportunity to use and apply my knowledge and skills on a wide range of projects," said Ljupka Arsova, who is fluent in English, Macedonian, Serbian, Croatian, Bosnian, and Montenegrin, with basic understanding of French and Russian. "Working closely with clients, as a member of GBB Project Teams, will be a rewarding challenge, and I also look forward to the opportunity to learn from highly experience colleagues."

Before joining GBB, Arsova was an independent consultant on integrated waste management projects where she completed technical feasibility assessments of cost-effective solutions for material/energy recovery from waste; developed technical models for energy, environmentally and economically efficient waste collection; and        efficiently conducted market research for technical solutions to lower the carbon footprint of waste management systems.

She was also recently Program Manager and Research Assistant at the Cason Family Foundation at the Clinton Global Initiative where she successfully led a global initiative to map existing dumpsites around the world, interacting with representatives from private, public and government. She also led an initiative to connect experts from all over the world, from 15 to around 100 members in one year; assisted in developing principles for fair trade of recyclables to improve the social and economic status of waste scavengers; and contributed to mapping the supply chain of recyclable materials in developing countries. At Gonen Partners in New York City, she was consultant for anaerobic digestion projects.

While at Columbia University, she was Research Associate and Junior Research Associate for sustainable waste management projects where she successfully conducted technical audits of waste conversion technologies such as anaerobic digestion, pyrolysis, and gasification; effectively performed cost benefit analysis of technical solutions for processing  waste materials; created protocols for reducing, reusing and recycling of packaging as well as transport optimization towards achieving cost-effective greenhouse gas reduction as part of a corporate sustainability strategy; and successfully designed and executed Life Cycle Analysis of different products and processes.

Arsova’s honors and activities include being a Waste-to-Energy Research and Technology Council Fellowship Recipient (2008-2010); and Student Parliament President at the University of Belgrade.

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